Home Computing Weekly


Author: L.C.
Publisher: Audiogenic
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #112

This is a stock car race game with a difference. You have to take part in a qualifying heat to be allowed to enter the race proper, completing the lap within a certain time. As this is an American game, where stock cars go fast, you need to maintain a speed close to 250mph.

It might seem you have no hope at that speed but, unlike other car race games, the other cars on the track tend to steer round you. This means you don't crash the moment you are bumper to bumper with another car. Neither do you crash off the course too readily, so at least you do stand a chance.

Your joystick controls are left and right, fire to accelerate and pull back to slow down. However, the car is a bit like Knight Rider in that it automatically slows down if there are obstacles. Assuming you qualify you are then entered into the 30 lap race, your starting position depending upon your performance in the qualifying round.

During the race proper you need to keep an eye on the fuel level and tyre wear, coming into the puts as necessary. If your car gives engine trouble - you can recognise this from its performance - you can come into the pits and have an engine check.

I've decided I much prefer stock car driving to normal car racing and I'm gradually improving my performance. A good game with average graphics.


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