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Bat Attack
By Alligata
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #45

Bat Attack is an invaders type game that I found rather compulsive.

A nice point is that you can indicate whether you are using a black and white monitor or colour by pressing the B or C key. Unfortunately, though, the game does not take a joystick.

When you start to play your space vehicles emerges out of the ground with impressive sound effects. The invaders consist of several rows of bats that bomb you and/or swoop down onto you, again with good sound accompaniment.

Bat Attack

If you manage to clear the screen of bats then you face an army of large doughnuts that drop down out of the sky. You can't fire at these - you must just try to avoid them.

If you survive the doughnut attack you are then on the next level with a new wave of even more deadly bats.

The screen showed the score to date, the current highest score, the number of lives left (you start with three) and the level.

I liked this game and had a job to stop playing it so I could write this review. The sound effects added to the atmosphere - unlike many games, where the sound is an irritant.


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