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By Bubble Bus
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

Quite a good attempt at simulating the table soccer game that simulates football.

The game is the one where all the man are fixed on rods across the table. By moving the rods and spinning the men, you can "kick" the football into a goal, usually your own.

The screen display gives a good representation. Two players can take part, each using a joystick, or the keyboard and one joystick. Moving the joystick allows you to move from rod to rod and to move the rod up or down. Pressing the fire button spins the men.

Kick Off

I found it very difficult to control the action. You lose something by only having a two dimensional picture. In playing the real table-top version, the timing and positioning of the feet of the players is critical. In this simulation, a lot of the feel of the game is lost.

The best bit is the introduction. It displays a crowd at a stadium complete with adverts for Bubble Bus and plays a very catchy tune that makes good use of the C64's sound facilities. In fact, I had the tune playing longer than the game.

I would rather put the money towards an original table top football game.


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