Home Computing Weekly

Mr. Mephisto

Author: L.C.
Publisher: Eurobyte
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #83

The setting of this game is a Hades type underworld full of devils and nasties. The object of the game is to work your way through various screen settings, gaining points as you go.

There are three skill levels and four speeds of play.

The cassette tape loads using a fast load system called Overdrive.

The first screen displays an escalator moving downwards which you have to run up to reach a top level. If you fall off the escalator, you fall into flames, and you lose all your lives.

While you're getting up the escalator, you have to avoid devils coming down. If you get to the top you need to grab a halo to get through the door and into the next screen.

However, you need to time your movements carefully as there is another devil on this level who emerges out of the ground.

I found the game somewhat difficult but it held a certain fascination that kept me trying to beat the little devils. All in all, a good game, for which a joystick is required.


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