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Home Computing Weekly

By Shards
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

Empire is a computer version of a war game played using maps and moving across territories. The world is divided into 39 territories and you choose 13 of these as your own while the enemy, the Empire, chooses a further 13. You then allocate your 26 armies across your territory.

You and the enemy attack in turns. After the enemy attack you have twenty seconds to respond otherwise the Empire strikes again. You use the function keys to move round the world. You then select the territory to attack from and which adjacent territory to attack. If you gain the territory you can move some of your forces into it.

There are eight levels of play but I only tried the first level. Half an hour later I had taken over the world.

The game lends itself to a certain amount of strategic planning and is not a bad attempt at simple war gaming. The screen does not use high resolution graphics but the countries are quite recognisable. I found it took a little time to get into the ebb and flow of the screen prompts but was soon engrossed in the battle with the Empire.

F5 and F6 are misprinted as F3 and F4 in the instructions but otherwise a good game.


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