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Home Computing Weekly

Superfront 4.0
By English
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #22

This is a well thought out utility program to enable you to create your own character set.

In the centre of the screen is a 'box' of 8 by 8 dots which represent an enlarged view of a character. You use the normal cursor controls to move the cursor around in the box. When the cursor has been positioned then hitting the F key (Fill) puts a blob in that position.

Altogether, the range of commands is enormous. Thc complete character set is displayed in the lower portion of the screen and you can 'call-up' any character from it into the box. Having displayed it, you can move it up, down and sideways in the box, change it, invert it, reverse it, print it, colour it, swap it and, last of all, save it to tape or disk.

Naturally, at a later time you can load back your very own character set to use in your programs.

The suppliers have tried to explain this extensive utility by printing a lot of details in very small print on the cassette card, which unfortunately makes the instructions difficult to read.

But the average user will soon master its use, due to the very good and informative screen display. It is nice to see such a useful utility at a reasonable price.


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