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Home Computing Weekly

Son Of Blagger
By Alligata
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

Blagger was one of my favourite games of last year and, as it also proved popular with others, Alligata has brought out a sequel. The storyline is to some extent the same as in Blagger except that there is a slight twist.

Here, rather than finding money by collecting keys, the purpose is to find a route around the complex National Security Headquarters. There are still keys to find and collect but these are incidental to the mental activity of working out a safe route.

The twist is that unlike normal ladders and levels games, in this one you are only allowed to see a small section of the building at any one time. You have to build up your mental maps and then try them out by trial and error.

There are a number of passive and active guards within the building, ranging from moving floors to killer owls. My particular favourite is the deadly vegetables but then I never did eat my greens as a little boy. A hit.