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Fruity Freddy
By Softspot
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

This new and adventurous software house is going to make a big mark in BBC software. Not only does it produce arcade quality games, but they are usually original in concept. This game has all the ingredients of its previous offerings: superb colour, fast - almost supersonic! - action and a good humourous storyline too.

You control Freddy who has decided to steal all the fruit from the next door garden. He has to wait for the flowers to develop fruit first. In the meantime, he is assailed by killer bees, crazy caterpillars, even birds with killer droppings!

If he treads on a plant before fruit have developed the owner comes out to give him a thrashing. There's more: if the fruit become overripe its seeds are dispersed and new plants start to grow making the emptying of the garden more difficult. There is an insect spray, but I found it wasn't anywhere near full enough for my needs. Only those very nimble survive to eat the sweets.

In short, everything you could want from a new game, including that rare addictive element.


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