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Home Computing Weekly

By Longman
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

I reviewed this some months ago as a school package and commented then that I didn't feel it would have much use in the home!

Longman obviously disagrees (or is disappointed by its school sales) and has now produced an attractive home pack with the legend "the software used in schools". It won't ever be used in mine.

The aims are quite widespread: learning concepts of space, direction, estimation, number and angle - which it does go some way towards fostering. The child, or children, has to steer sheep through a gate by commanding a sheepdog. The sheep don't often move in a straight line - which is true to life, at least - and if they hit the fence you start again.

It works well and is well error-trapped so young fingers cannot do too much harm, but it is extremely repetitive.

The documentation is not a patch on the schools version which was one of its best features. I would now describe it as adequate only. Price is still a reflection of the packaging rather than program quality and graphics are very poor - sheep heads are ampersands!


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