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Home Computing Weekly

Cybertron Mission
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #49

The old maze games are now being succeeded by this new hide and seek type in which you have to negotiate a maze while nasty and vicious guardians try to stop you. This is that type of game and a very good version it is.

At the beginning of each sheet you are told what you have to find and then off you go. Each level of difficulty contains 16 rooms which have to be navigated in search of your Holy Grail. All are filled with the guards who follow you trying to thwart your mission. On the first level they do not fire back but later varieties and forms do and are quite accurate. Just to make life even more interesting there are also ghosts who come to get you if you take too long.

Remember, this all takes place in a maze, which has electrified walls, so you have also to keep the possible exists and the rooms you have already searched in mind.

An excellent game with a highly addictive attraction.


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