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Home Computing Weekly

By Computasolve
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #16

Interactive graphics programs (picture drawing to you and me!) seem to be appearing in profusion at the moment. This one is a good one of its kind with most of the facilities you're likely to need.

You can create pictures, using keys or joysticks, to be dumped to the printer or to be saved for later use. They can even be incorporated into other programs when needed (this facility is not documented in the cassette version but is there, I believe).

Among its many facilities, two I particularly like are Update and Magnify. Update means that the screen you are creating can be saved in part and then different trials can be made based on that part without corrupting it in anyway.

Magnify is a powerful editing procedure allowing the alteration of single (yes, single!) pixels. Unfortunately, the booklet provided doesn't explain this facility very well.

The only parts of the package that were less than satisfactory were the circle plotting, which is very slow (compared to Grafdisk) and the documentation, which could be clearer in places.


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