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Home Computing Weekly

Additional Fun
By Shiva
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #49

I have been playing these games for some time now but have only just understood the title! All involve addition or subtraction, hence the name.

This is Numeracy 2 is a set of 11 of which five will be numeric and at least five logic. All these programs work at numbers of less than 10 and involve number bonds as well. It is nice to see these two concepts taught together - this greatly helps understanding.

All the programs are game-based and some are for two players only which could slightly restrict their home use. The titles: Cats, where birds are victors in the end; Octopus, which I found rather slow and broing; Picture had a nicetheme but only contains one picture; Moon, a competitive addition/subtraction game; Castle, quite difficult in comparison with the others.

The programs are colourful if not too exciting and documentation good, but for teachers rather than parents. There is no suggestion of the types of problems to look for as your child learns, for example. I also found the idea of negation as used here hard to understand at first.


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