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Home Computing Weekly

Amazing Ollie
By Storm
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

Subtitled "Learning about Numbers", this is what the graded levels of the program are supposed to encourage.

Unfortunately there is a major flaw in the program's concept. I do not believe that children who could get the most from and indeed who need a problem like this, will be able to master the complicated way the game is played.

The basis of the program is a maze which it generates when first run.

You then have to navigate this maze in order to count or collect the first that Ollie the Octopus needs to feed his children.

If you believe that a young child can cope with such problems while learning about numbers, then this may be of help. Otherwise. it is simply a game program for an older child.

The levels within the program are well chosen. They start with number recognition in Finding Fish, progress to simple addition in Counting Fish and then extend this to a Beat The Clock activity.

There is another advanced option where you don't even see the maze, only the possible directions.


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