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Home Computing Weekly

The Music Box
By Selective
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

Educational software is improving by leaps and bounds and this is one of the better new releases. The idea of using the adventure format to encourage learning is not new, but it's a good vehicle for a program that has the learning of bearings and compass points as its aim.

The music box of the title just starts you on a journey crossing deserts and sailing seas before it is done.

The package comprises a number of programs, including the two main adventure sections, a neat use of passwords allows you to get back to the beginning of the section that you haven't finished yet. They encourage decision making and discussion and need a certain amount of knowledge. This is good and has children racing for reference books at just the right times.

Both adventures are played using a minimum of key presses, but require your exact order, input in a correct mathematical form. Pictures are good and keep the interest very well.

This is thought-provoking and easy to use. The children are delighted to learn.


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