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Home Computing Weekly

Hide And Seek
By Acornsoft/ASK

Published in Home Computing Weekly #25

Based on the old familiar games of Hide And Seek, Pelmanism and Kim's Game, this progam's overall aim is memory training, and it succeeds very well indeed. There are three games usually with more than one difficulty level, so the program will span a large age range.

Besides being useful as a single player game, I would suggest that this could be used with a small group of children to encourage communication and discussion skills. The input required varies from single keypresses to spelling complete words but the error trapping is such that it is very difficult to crash the program accidentally.

The most outstanding feature of the program is the number and variety of the graphic shapes presented. They are just the right size and are very easily recognisable. The instructions are to the high standard that this company usually presents.

I would however suggest you use command *FX210,1 before loading, as this will stop the constant sound effects from driving you mad.


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