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Home Computing Weekly

By Daco
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #74

This program is exactly what it says: a story writing program aimed at "children who are not normally interested in writing stories". It is claimed to help "improve your child's reading and creative writing skills" but I have my doubts about this.

It isn't that the program doesn't work as planned or that it is teaching anything untoward in a wrong manner. I simply cannot see that it will do any good at all.

The basic format is that you are offered various words, one at a time, from which to choose the next one for your story. The words are fit a predefined sentence structure and can be combined into reasonable English but it is *very* hard indeed to make a story sensible. I know children like silly stories but you need a skill far beyond that which the program is designed for to even attempt a sensible outcome.

This is one of those programs where more time and thought could have improved matters greatly. In particular, you need to be offered a much wider choice of words.


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