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Home Computing Weekly

Number Skills 0-99
By Longman
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

Like its sister program, Number Skills 0-20, this may best be described as an animated text book full of sums for the user to answer. It does, however, have one extra facility: the ability to give help if needed or requested.

As the title suggests, the problems all involve numbers less than 100 and it covers both addition and subtraction.

The help given involves the display the sum using counters in boxes to represent the columns of place value, and the regrouping or exchange of values as required. This is a good technique and is in line with modern practice in schools.

But, as with all software of this type, I would advise parents to seek the advice of the children's teachers *before* using the program. Months of school work can end in confusion if this is not done. There is a need to do this to find out the subtraction method your child uses too, as the program, wisely, provides two methods.

Unlike the sister program, this one does not allow you to get a problem wrong forever, it only gives three attempts before moving on to the next program. A good but unexciting program overall.


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