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Home Computing Weekly

Family Quiz
By Blandford Press
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

Blandford has had a good idea; write a program to go with one of your books and sell it with the book for over eight times the price!

The book that goes with this is a cheap paperback with a cover price of just £1.50. It contains 68 quizzes of 20 questions and has a wide spread of subjects from which you can test the family. It isn't my cup of tea, but is great value for that type of book.

The program is a very different proposition. It is a simple quiz program of the type you can find printed in computer mags regularly. The difference is a little colour and sound, and a range of questions selected from the book. The number of categories is severely reduced and they are grouped in rather strange ways too.

Overall, I would prefer the family to buy a whole range of quiz books or even a record book so they can write their own rather than buy this package at its exorbitant price. There are no instructions at all.


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