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Home Computing Weekly

Serpent's Lair
By Comsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #79

"An adventure for children" is how the manufacturers describe this program - and a good adventure it is too. I would expect it to be of interest to all new adventurers rather than just the younger ones. I can see all the family getting involved.

There is an educational purpose too: all the locations are correctly located geographically and you are encouraged to make a map as you go along, checking with an atlas. It's a good job you are flying on a magic carpet because some of the neighbouring locations are a fair distance apart; south from London is Italy! The supporting story is fair and there are a number of riddles to be solved. I looked in the listing to cheat for some of them.

The use of graphics in some locations is good and adds to the game rather than detracting from it. What also impressed me was the speed of response in a Basic adventure. This is probably due to the small vocabulary though. A pleasant first adventure in every way. Well done, Comsoft!


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