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Laser Reflex
By Talent
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #83

I have to admit that I expected a lot from this game after reading the cassette sleeve and other information about it. The aim is to dispel the ever-increasing hordes of aliens with your laser cannon but wait - the catch is that the laser can only be fired against a concave mirror.

The blurb also promised a screen designed by a 'talented artist' and, unfortunately, I was disappointed on both accounts.

I think that the screen was the main problem, being in a four-colour mode, the artist has used complex pixel graphics and there are a great number of shading effects used. So much so that I found the whole thing to be a complete muddle.

The game itself is not as interesting as I thought either. The mirror is of a fixed position and shape and you aim by moving the laser. The aliens look rather fly-like in some cases and even the writing on the scoreboard is difficult to read.

The change of level affects the speed of the invaders but there are no real bonus screens I'm afraid.


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