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Home Computing Weekly

By Chalksoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #74

This package, which is only available on disc, might be best described as a super hangman for not only do you have to guess the letters in a word but in all the words which make up a phrase!

It is claimed that this is a "valuable language development tool", but I can't say that I really see its potential in this light. The package is very well put together and the instructions, both on screen and in the book supplied, are easy to follow.

You have plenty of options to choose from too including a "random" option with the possibility of producing some very strange and funny phrases and over four million of them. That doesn't help the basic problem though; is it "valuable". Is it a teaching tool? Does it encourage "immaginative thinking" and "correct spelling"?

I can't say I'm convinced and, while I agree with the publishers that those children who are "bored" by reading text books will enjoy it, it doesn't help to overcome their boredom and may in fact reinforce it. This is a package to see before purchase, I feel.


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