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Home Computing Weekly

By Compusoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #49

Years ago, I kept tropical fish and one of their real delights was the soothing feeling that flowed over you as the fish swam around so effortlessly. The only purpose is to try to recreate this feeling, watching pretty patterns and listening to pleasant music.

The program comprises a loader routine and four data files for four Scott Joplin piano rags it can play. It's rather like having a juke box which not only play but generate coloured patterns too. Patterns and the tune are both adaptable. You can change volume, tempo, vibrato and height, width, colour and type of pattern.

The patterns are interesting if a little unspectacular and the tunes are all fairly good renditions of well-known pieces. There is, however, rather too little variation in tune type, most rags get to sound alike after a while. Apart from my computerised relaxation class, what use is it? It's simply a pleasant diversion for a few minutes and as such not worth the money, I'm afraid.


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