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Home Computing Weekly

Aces High
By Oasis

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

Claimed by the publishers to be their "best deal yet", the programs in this package are better than the puns suggest. There are two cassettes, each containing two card game programs. All are casino-style games involving an element of betting, either against the computer or against other players.

The games are Blackjack, Pontoon (vingt et un), Stud and Draw Poker. The games play to usual casino rules which are fully explained in the well-presented handbook.

In all games of this type there are two main areas to consider. The first is the quality of the graphics; in this case they are well presented and very attractive. Secondly there is the speed of response to input and of display, which is also very good in this case. All the games follow a similar pattern of display and input but then all packs of cards look the same too.

The computer is a competent player and, as the publishers take great pains to point out, plays fair. I still find it difficult to see the fascination in winning mythical money though!


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