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Home Computing Weekly

Junior Maths Pack
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

If you are looking for a program that gives practice in some of the important areas of maths at a junior level you could do a great deal worse than take a peek at this package.

The program actually loads three games all of which can be selected from the main menu.

The first is a lunar lander game, requiring speed of multiplication or division to halt the craft in its descent. You set the speed and difficulty and try to keep the craft off the ground by answering questions as quickly as possible.

The second game uses grids and co-ordinates to search for treasure. There are a number of varieties of treasure and help, in the form of arrows, if you require it. A good program but this type can be done very easily on paper too.

The final game is based on the fruit machine and involves the testing of number bonds. The reels spin and you add or subtract numbers from the totals shown to try to make the reels match. All the programs are basic but adequate.


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