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By BBCSoft/BBC Publications
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #35

This program has to be one of the worst releases the BBC has made to date. The idea is good, but the implementation is so poor as to be almost diabolical.

With a theme of dogfights brought up to date, this could have been an exciting multi-faceted program which rivetted its players to their seats.

The truth is that this is a race-type game (you know, the kind that scroll the road past your car and you have to avoid the obstacles) married to a shooting game ("get the nasties before they get you" type).


There are several levels, 24 to be precise, all of the same type but increasing in difficulty and including some very strange colour combinations too.

There are some extra features not seen in most race-type games, such as speed controls, but they aren't enough to give this game the little bit extra we find addictive.

Very disappointing, to say the least, and very expensive to make a mistake on. See this game *before* buying it.


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