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Home Computing Weekly

By Complete Microcomputer Services
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #86

I have often had the feeling that there should be more computer games for several players. This program is designed for one to four players, although the fascination of playing on your own is hard to see.

You are dealt, in a very long-winded manner, twelve words from the computers' list, and you to try to make these into a gramatically correct and meaningful English sentence.

You have a whole series of joining words and word endings available and you score by the complexity of the sentence you build.

Needless to say the computer can't understand your sentences, so your fellow players have to approve your work before scoring.

The sentences have to make sense but can be surreal, extraordinary or just plain silly. In short this is a word-based game which would be better played using cards.

The only thing that the computer does well is provide a score. Everything else is made more complex by using the machine.

It might be fun the first time, but I cannot see anyone really spending an evening round the micro just to play this game.


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