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Mr. T's Alphabet Games
By Ebury
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

This package of two games is aimed at the three to six year olds who have access to micros, and is meant to be used before school and learning to read.

Like a great deal of educational software, the programs don't cover an area comprehensively or even well. Rather, they take a stab at the area in the hope they do some good.

The programs are of excellent quality. In this case, it's simply that without specialist training or help, when to use them is a greater problem than how to use them!

Let's Draw Letters is the best of the two, and aims to demonstrate the correct pencil movements for each of the lower case letters of the alphabet.

This is done very well, and should lead to good letter writing habits. There is no doubt that bad ones cause a great deal of difficulty later.

The other program is Mr. T's Letter Factory, which tries to teach letter recognition and matching.

This is an amusingly animated program, but in my opinion has only a limited use.

The whole package would have been much more attractive if priced at a lower level.


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