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Home Computing Weekly

Launching Logic
By Shiva
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

This is Logic 1 in a set and is part of the First Maths Programme for young children. The whole foundation of this program is that children should be familiar with the logic blocks schools have used for some years now to teach logic.

They are probably the only tools most schools have for use in this area and are probably very under-used. This program should change this.

But there is still a basic flaw in the concept of these programs. I find it very hard to believe that it is better to teach ideas like this using a computer than by using the objects themselves. If the children have to be familiar with them to use the programs then why not carry on using them for the bulk of the teaching and leave the computer alone?

Having said all that, the programs on the tape do a very good job at laying the foundations for the work on sets that will follow. The graphics are good and simple enough for children to understand easily.

It would be nice if those games requiring two sequential keypresses could indicate which key had already been pressed. At the moment there is no recognition of the input whatsoever.


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