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Home Computing Weekly

Ollie Octopus' Sketchpad
By Storm
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

Screen drawing programs are becoming almost as regular a feature of a software house's catalogue as space games, but this is a little unusual in that it is aimed at children and meant for them to use.

This would be great if the program was, indeed, easy to use but it isn't! As an example of its deficiencies there is no way to move the 'paintbrush' (cursor) from one position to another without changing to background colour so that it doesn't leave a trail.

This means of course that it leaves a trail over the foreground unless you change to that colour at the appropriate moment.

There are other omissions. No abstract or non-regular area fill facility; only circles, squares and triangles are possible.

The enlarge and contract facility is well done, with good 'rubber-banding' on screen. The colour change system is also neat and easy to use.

There is a screen save facility (taking four and a half minutes) if anyone should want to use it, but no screen dumping command.


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