Megapede (Softek) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Softek
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #19

Based on the caterpillar idea, the Megapede weaves its way towards you through the mushrooms.

At various points, the tension is heightened by the appearance of the deadly Sid the Spider, and Scorpi the scorpion who drops deadly fleas.

The game itself is an all-colour, all-action affair with sound. The graphics are well done but not animated in the strict sense of the word - they tend to scroll around the screen instead.

The scrolling is, however, so smooth that you have to look hard to realise what's happening. The sound too could be improved, but I suspect that both of these factors are related to cramming the code into the smaller of the two Spectrums. There is a limit to what can be done in 9.5K.


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