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Home Computing Weekly

Jungle Story
By Mastertronic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

An avoid-and-shoot game with a difference. The scene is the jungle. Snakes slither and elephants charge. There's no stopping them and you have to avoid them. Leopards run across the screen but you can shoot these. While you're doing this you have to watch out for arrows shot out of the jungle by savages and also avoid coconut bombs dropped from the trees by monkeys.

The situation is loosely based on Jungle Book. You have to get Mowgli through this unfriendly jungle to a village to collect a pot of fire. With this, you can confront Khan the Tiger.

The plot sounds appealing but the game is not so good. The graphics are fairly crude with all the action in dead straight lines. The game is made difficult by simply having so many things to avoid on the screen at once that there is no path past them. Consequently I never got to the village and, in fact, lost interest after a few goes.

The cassette card gives no details of how to play the game or whether a joystick can be used. These details come up on a preliminary screen when the program is loaded. This is not a game I can recommend although the idea is quite good.


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