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Home Computing Weekly

Goodness Gracious
By Beyond
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #48

A very tame game, reminding me of Duck Shoot. The plot has been dressed up a bit, though. You are a dinosaur guarding a gem from creatures which appear the other side of the screen. To kill them you spit fireballs by pressing the space bar.

The time held down determines the length of the shot when released. You have three chances to hit the creature before it snatches the gem. If you hit the creature another appears.

The inlay says there are six screens of creatures, but I lost interest after killing three or four.

I did not like the way the fireball went up on a gentle arc but on reaching its zenith fell vertically. In this respect it's worse than Duck Shoot. With practice and counting in time to the background noise with the space bar held down scoring became routine.

Graphics were not outstanding and animation slowed whenever the space bar was down. It is by no means a classic and will rank near the bottom of my list.


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