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Flying Feathers
By Bubble Bus
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

In common with others from Bubble Bus, this game has a very good opening screen and signature tune. When you start you are sitting in a boat by the riverbank. You have to protect the fish from greedy, swooping eagles.

You have a shotgun and, using joystick or keyboard, position your aim with a cross on the screen. When eagles swoop you let rip. If an eagle manages to catch a fish, you can still retrieve it, providing you shoot the eagle before it has left the screen.

I don't know what the anti-bloodsport lobby will make of this. Although the fish fall back to the river, shot eagles don't thud to the ground. The screen is kept remarkably free of blood to prevent this becoming the first software nasty.

The scenery is very appealing - cotton wool clouds sail gracefully across the sky, occasionally a group of ducks quacks upstream. I felt I should have my picnic lunch by the C64.

A very pleasant game for hunting, shooting, fishing types and prospective game wardens.


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