Home Computing Weekly


Author: L.C.
Publisher: Supersoft
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #25

This game can be played with a joystick or keyboard. It requires you to maintain a cluster of healthy cells against attacking cancerous ones.

As you move around the screen you leave behind a trail of healthy cells, but they only survive if they are next to four healthy ones.

The wandering cancerous cells can quickly break up your large groups into small clusters which then wither away. In fact, so quickly that I found the game frustrating and equally quickly lost interest.


The screen display is clear and makes use of customised characters for the cells. At the top of the screen is displayed, the number of healthy cells remaining, the current score and the highest score.

You can obtain some respite from the onslaught of the hostile cells by firing off a dose of radiation, but you have limited supplies.

Although the instruction card that comes with the game is quite clear I think some younger children will find it hard to appreciate the mechanics.

The concept behind the game is good but I feel it could have been implemented more imaginatively with better graphics and sound.


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