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Jump Jet
By Anirog
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #122

Software houses are always searching for new versions of existing themes. With "Jump Jet" Anirog have taken the ever popular flight simulator program and altered the scenario to that of an aircraft carrier.

As the game begins you select the skill level you wish to play at from the five levels rated Practice to Group Captain. The skill level affects the weather conditions - the flight lieutenant has no wind or waves to help him; the group captain has mountainous seas and stormy conditions.

The screen is used to give a split display, the bottom half always shows the instrument panel, the view illustrated on the upper half varies with increasing height. Upon take off there is a birds-eye view of the jet gaining height. Above 50ft the view changes to head-on and sideways silhouettes of the carrier and jet. Finally as you climb above 200ft the view is of sky and sea complete with waves and clouds.

The graphics are nothing spectacular. When being attacked by an enemy fighter your only indication of impending doom is a white circle which appears on the front of the enemy plane, this slowly grows in size. Having grown to a certain size the screen goes blank and there is a bang, a message on the screen then informs you of your termination.

The program also claims to make use of Amstrad-compatible speech synthesisers, the only mumblings that I detected were completely undecipherable Jump Jet would have probably have been classed as a good program when the Amstrad was first released. However, today's Amstrad software is of a much higher standard, consequently Jump Jet is decidedly average.