Home Computing Weekly

French Revision Level 1
By Southern Educational
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #84

This program follows a familiar pattern in educational software. It starts by presenting a few pages of fact - in this case, the present tense of French verbs - then proceeds to test how well you have absorbed the knowledge.

It is difficult for any program of this type to be outstanding, but this cassette did have some interesting features. Colour, sound and graphics have been combined well to make something as boring as French verbs as interesting as possible! In presenting pages of facts, you can move forward to the next page, or back to the previous page if something wasn't quite clear to you.

The tests appear at two levels. I didn't find either particularly difficult - and my French is virtually non-existent! As long as you know the French pronouns, then the answer to all questions can be guessed correctly every time. So, as tests go, these are simplicity itself, and once you know the trick in answering questions, rather pointless.

For those wanting to go further, SES offer a Level 2 tape which deals with prepositions and adjectives.


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