Home Computing Weekly

Sales Ledger And Purchase Ledger

Author: D.N.
Publisher: RAMTOP
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #26

Ramptop have three book-keeping programs for small businesses. Purchase Ledger can be used b all businesses for expenditure items. Sales Ledger is for businesses which issue invoices with sales. Sales Journal is for concerns such as shops which do not provide invoices. Each cost £24.95; the set of three will set you back £60.

I looked at two of them; as many of the comments I have to make apply to both this review covers the two together.

One 16-page manual covers all three programs. It is very difficult to use. The information given is very disjointed, it is limited in content and sometimes confusing.

As an example, the manual tells the user to stop the program and use the command RUN to clear data when starting a new file. It also recommends the user make certain program line changes. There are not actions I would expect to take with well-written software.


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