Home Computing Weekly

Road Toad

Author: D.N.
Publisher: Elfin
Machine: Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #16

How do you decide on one version of Frogger out of all the versions on the market! One important factor is cost, of course - and this game is competitively priced.

For those who aren't au fait with the arcade game genre, the aim of Frogger and its lookalikes is to get a series of frogs safely home, first moving them across hazards including a busy multi-lane highway, a fast-flowing river and, in this case, a snake pit.

Your frogs can hop up, down, left or right - and, in Elfin's version, the control keys are bunched a little too close for comfort.

No written instructions came with Road Toad, and the only details appearing on screen were those of the four direction keys. But on the whole, a good reproduction of the arcade game.


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