Home Computing Weekly

Clever Clogs - History Mystery

Author: D.N.
Publisher: Computer Tutor
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #87

The Clever Cloggs tapes are described as Early Learning Games. History Mystery is aimed at the five to 12 age group.

The two younger members of my family were recruited to assess this tape. From the hours they spent using it and the laughter, they gave it their approval. What is more, they learnt and remembered facts, so it served its purpose as well.

History Mystery will take you to Biblical times, and the lands of the Middle East. Clever Cloggs is the character you guide round these lands retrieving the treasures of the past. The game has five levels to allow the child to learn the techniques of playing and providing clues on where treasures can be found. Further clues are provided with references to the Bible.

As the child's skill level increases, fun is brought in with robbers who are out to get the treasures. Excellently drawn maps of the Middle East, Israel and Jerusalem, plus amusing camel and whale rides complete a well produced game which will amuse and educate. An ideal combination!


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