Home Computing Weekly

Last Sunset For Lattica
By Arcade
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #31

The authors of this game describe it as a "true graphical adventure". It is an attempt to mix an arcade type game with an adventure.

This has been achieved by certain sacrifices to the concepts to both, and I doubt it it will satisfy the fans of either type.

The object is to work your way along a maze to a control core, where a bomb is set to destroy the planet. More than 600 androids patrol the maze and shoot at random.

Last Sunset For Lattica

As it is a real-time game, you have to balance the advantages of earning points destroying androids in the maze with the speed at which you try to get to the core and defuse the bomb.

As in adventure games, you can pick up things along the way; keys get to a higher level, and power pills give you extra lives (you start with four). Only a small section of the maze is shown on the screen at once, but after a few games, you should know the best route to take.

There are some bugs - androids occasionally fail to die when hit, and your gun jams when it should fire. Androids walk through you (which the instructions say will happen), but occasionally destroy you as they do (which should not happen).


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