Home Computing Weekly

Dark Star

Author: D.N.
Publisher: Design Design
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #87

Dark Star looked, at first glance, much like other arcade games, but later it become obvious that this was something special.

Spectacular graphics are becoming the norm with Spectrum games, and on Dart Star the effects are better than most. The object is to wipe out the enemy, but you do so with superb moving star effects, swiftly moving star effects, swiftly moving enemy craft, all while a realistic digital clock gently ticks away at the top of the screen. And you can check your position and status on the Tactical Sector Map.

The enemy are on several planets as well as in space, so you can attack enemy planets, land on them, and attempt to destroy enemy bases on land.

Lots of extras are included in a very professinal program. User-definable keys (plus joystick options), user selectable sound effects, and program options to give you a wide variety of games.

On the reverse side is another program called 'Spectacle'. This is useable only with passwords, which will be announced sometime in the future.


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