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Display Enhancement Package
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #81

This is a set of assembly language routines which can be called from TI Basic to give a powerful addition to the language. TI Basic cannot normally access the RAM expansion - this is achieved by the MiniMemory module.

The documentation is brief, but discusses a wide range of useful utilities like windowing, access to 40 column mode, and paging - all can be used to great effect.

There is a demonstration program which puts the routines through their paces but cannot do justice to this remarkable product.

If you use its facilities to write a commercial program, you must obtain a licensing agreement from the distributor. Some restrictions are placed upon certain TI Basic functions, the use of which interfere with the operation of the DEP.

The DEP is divided into four 'segments', each of which is available for your own programs, but I feel that a disc system is a necessity, although this is cassette-based.


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