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Crazy Cliff
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #73

This rather odd game is well named. The aim is to scale buildings from the outside, avoiding hazards. I have a half-formed memory of some daft American trying such a stunt, only when he got to the top he wasn't rewarded with an extra man and a fresh, slightly more difficult building. The minimal instructions are in 11 lines on the inlay - the author has provided only a cursory demonstration - in which you are advised to avoid closed windows, refrain from climbing to the window below a "face" as a flower pot will be hurled at you, and to avoid other hazards including falling bottles from a party upstairs.

There ia also a "special guest appearance from a famous arcade character, if you make it that far" - I got no further than the ground floor. One face and three closed windows scuppered me every time.

There is a score and a high score. I never raised either above zero, which may have been due to my incompetence. A frustrating, and, judging by the spelling of "alfa lock", American, game with reasonable graphics. Needs Extended Basic, joysticks.


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