Home Computing Weekly

Cricket 64

Author: L.C.
Publisher: CRL
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #85

This is a realistic simulation of the game of cricket. The only sound is the crack of the ball on the bat. The two teams are England and the West Indies, but you can change them and enter the names of your back street eleven.

Having chosen the teams, you mastermind the match. You select who is to bowl, and position the fielders on the screen. The bowler runs up and bowls automatically, the batsman hits the ball and it stops somewhere on the screen. You can then start running until you think it's advisable to stop.

After an over you can change your bowler, and the score card is displayed. All the statistics associated with analysing cricket performance are kept by the computer, leaving you free to enjoy the game.

This is quite an enjoyable, realistic simulation. I enjoyed positioning the fielders and making decisions about running. The only drawback was the virtually unreadable colour combinations associated with the screen messages. The red on green messages should be changed to black on green to make them more legible.


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