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Select 1
By Computer Records
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

The computer compilation cassette has finally arrived. Select One contains twelve games, all originally released at normal prices. It is a nice idea, but obviously quality is the most important factor.

On Select One, quality is pretty good. Ocean provide three very good games: Hunchback, Mr. Wimpy and the lesser-known Transversion. Quicksilva provide three old but fairly playable space games: Meteor Storm, Space Intruders and Time Gate, whilst Bug-Byte present Pool, a very good version, plus Spectres, an early but still fun Pacman. There is the highly praised political adventure Denis Through The Drinking Glass from Applications. Finally, there are three from Anirog: Missile Defence, plus two dreadful games - Kong and Moon Buggy.

Although none of the games are new (with the exception of the latter two Anirog programs) all are good, and would cost well over £60 if bought individually. I suspect many people will already have the best of these.

Still, it represents exceptional value if you want two or more of the games listed, or you are new to the Spectrum. I look forward to compilations of even better quality.


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