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Home Computing Weekly

Alice In Wunderlab
By Arthur Loosely
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

This is a test-based adventure game set in an experimental reactor laboratory. It rather cleverly combines the usual maze-type adventure with some extra features.

You are issued with a personal code and a reactor start-up code. Once you have started, the reactor problems develop, and it's a race against the meltdown time to prevent the inevitable big bang.

To do this, you have to find your way through the maze of rooms, overcoming problems on the way, to locate a Time Machine.

Alice In Wonderland

This machine allows you to go back in time, if you know how, to a point where you can prevent the catastrophe.

There are three levels of difficulty for the game and I reckon even the first will take many hours to solve. Still, depending on how well you do, you may get a medal.

Once you start moving through time, however, it's a different story. Some of the building work may be different. There can't be many games where you need separate maps for different years.

The scale of the game means that it takes a long time to load, four to five minutes, but if you like adventures it's worth it. I enjoyed this game as an interesting variation on the Dungeon and Dragons theme.


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