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Indiana Jones In The Lost Kingdom
By Mindscape International Inc
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

The cassette fast-loads so Indiana can pass quickly into the Lost Kingdom. Once there you, or him, are on your own.

Your objective is to work your way through six rooms gaining as many points as possible and retrieve an artefact somewhere within the rooms. How to do this, nobody knows. You have to work out the rules and find out how to control Indiana by experimenting.

The cassette inlay card tells you that you can play with one or two players and select one of three skill levels. You also choose where to begin. Naturally I tried skill level one... and started in a different room each time.

As you are not supposed to know the rules it's a bit difficult to describe the action without giving anything away. However, action there is. On one screen I eventually realised that I had to dash from one side to the other, jumping on moving platforms and avoiding attacking thingies. Another screen had me avoiding an ever-increasing number of bouncing balls while the screen gradually shrunk in size. On one or two occasions I knew what I wanted to do, but couldn't figure out how to from the joystick.

The screens, or rooms, were varied and one never knew quite what to expect. The graphics were okay, but the sound became a bit monotonous after a time. You could take a tea break playing this game; pressing the space bar paused the game and pressing f7 resumed the action. This is also useful for those who get out of breath quickly. Generally an average game, a bit pricey capitalising on the success of the film.


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