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Amstrad Action

Bobby Bearing
By The Edge
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #17

Bobby Bearing

You'll immediately be familiar with the graphic style in which the game is produced, because it's very reminiscent of Spindizzy. The landscape is composed of cubes, blocks and sloping surfaces based on a grid pattern, that form futuristic landscapes. On this odd surface, you control a cute little bearing called Bobby.

Your task is to explore over 150 screens in search of your four brother bearings who have been stunned senseless by a bunch of evil black bearings. If you can find one of your brothers, then he has to be pushed back home the way you came. Exploring on your own isn't too difficult, but pushing an unco-operative bearing as well makes things very tough.

The bearing rolls nicely around the screen and can charge quite quickly through some areas. You will also encounter puzzles and dangers that have to be got past. These can pose two threats: either to stun you so that you lose control for a short while, or to squash you outright costing a lot of time. Time is precious because all the brothers have to be rescued within a short limit.

The graphics are excellent. But the game is a little weak on the puzzle side of things, relying most on the difficulty of moving the other bearings. It's not as good as Spindizzy, which is larger, more complicated and requires more control, but it's still a lot of fun.

Second Opinion

Bobby is a bearing, Bobby is a bearing, but why am I not bearing him? The graphics may have astounding detail, the sound may come from a crushed tweeter, but why does the gameplay have to be so similar to Spindizzy. Admittedly, I found Bobby Bearing thoroughly addictive, but having seen Spindizzy, there is no comparison.

Green Screen View


First Day Target Score

Find brother without cheating.

Good News

P. Well-drawn 3D landscape.
P. Very cute and funny characters.
P. Some puzzles to solve.
P. Tough task getting the bearings back.

Bad News

N. Not enough puzzles or complicated locations.

Bob Wade