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Pipeline 2
By Mastertronic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #15


Pipeline 2

If you can remember back to issue one and our "Amscyclopedia", you'll probably remember a now-departed software house called Taskset and their game Super Pipeline II. It was a full-price product then, but that was over a year ago. Now it's still the same game but with a different price-tag and under a different label.

If you remember the game from way back then, you'll just want to know that this is exactly the same game. But I'm sure there are plenty of you who've joined us in the past year that don't know about it.

The star is Foreman Fred. He has to complete sixteen screens of action by filling barrels at the bottom of the screen. At the top is a tank of water that gradually empties into a twisting pipe system, which weaves all over the screen, and eventually flows out the end and into the barrels.

While this is going on you are clambering around the pipe system trying to stay alive and stop creatures and tools - which sneak in from the edges of the screen - making holes in the pipes. Most of the tools can be shot with your gun when they are horizontal with you. A lobster, however, can be shot only from behind, and a shower of tacks not at all. If one of these enemies gets to you. you plunge to a nasty end off the pipe - unless your trusty helpers come to your rescue. Fred's mates appear two at a time and can be sacrificed to the tools without cost, for they will quickly reappear.

The helpers also perform the task of repairing any leaks in the pipe, so they're kept constantly busy. You have to lead them to the leaks before they start work, and while they're following you they can guard your back from attack.

If you leave leaks too long your water will start to run out and decrease your score, as it draws on a reserve supply. If you fill the barrels you progress onto a new screen with more barrels to fill.

The graphics and sound are still good today, although the same niggle remains about the characters going behind pipes and being obscured. After a bit of practice the game is relatively easy you find safe spots on the pipes - but it's still a lot of fun. And it's cheap now as well.

Second Opinion

This was an immensely good game the first time it came out. Today, at a knockdown price, it still seems good on comparison with much other software. The tune is excellent, and graphics outshine many present-day offerings. If you haven't got Super Pipeline II, then go out and buy it. For £2, you just can't go wrong.

Green Screen View

Certainly clear enough to play.

First Day Target Score

100,000 points.

Good News

P. Nice cartoony graphics.
P. Jolly soundtrack.
P. Still a very original game (a sad reflection on many other software houses).

Bad News

N. Characters disappear behind pipes.
N. Rather too easy to complete.

Bob Wade

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