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Bride Of Frankenstein
By Ariolasoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20

Bride Of Frankenstein

You'd think that any woman faced with the prospect of marrying Frankenstein would do her best to get out of it. Instead this barrel-shaped bride is so keen to get Frankie down the aisle that when he loses bits of himself she's even putting them back together again!

The bride may be barrel-shaped but she's got a lot going for her: a cute waddle walk that gets her around surprisingly fast and an awful lot of determination to get her man. The action takes place in 60 eerie locations including a castle, graveyards, crypts and laboratories. They're atmospherically drawn, combining well with the rotund heroine's sprite.

As you explore you'll run into the ghosts and skeletons that roam around. They attack you and send the heart-rate soaring until it bursts apart. Well, what can you expect if they install these discount spare parts? You'll also peg out if you run out of green fluid, which can be topped up at several spots in the castle.

Bride Of Frankenstein

Initially you've got to find some objects to help you in the quest. A pickaxe to fight things off and break things with. A lamp for darkened rooms. A spade for digging up graves. There are also seven keys which unlock different doors. Making a map and working out which of the keys work where will be your major lasting problem.

The bits of the body are found in several places - just work out where you'd usually find bits of bodies. The gameplay is always frantic; you can only occasionally take a breather. I enjoyed Bride Of Frankenstein because of the graphics and frantic action, but it lacked a little depth. Great fun though.

First Day Target Score

Find a bit of the body.

The Verdict

Bride Of Frankenstein

Graphics 75%
P. Lovely sprites for the bride and skeletons.
P. Atmospheric, detailed locations.

Sonics 63%
P. Good title tune.

Grab Factor 74%
P. Great fun exploring to start with. Love the graphics and humour.

Staying Power 62%
P. Keys take some working out.
N. Not enough depth to it otherwise.

Overall 70%
P. Humour makes it better than other so-called horror games.

Bob Wade

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